Our First Day in Hong Kong

“Location, location, location.” That was the mantra of our speaker at the U.S. Department of Commerce, Sarah Kemp. Her talk emphasized the importance of Hong Kong not only as a doorway to China, but also it’s importance in the international business community. For example, she stressed time and time again how Hong Kong was THE city where multinational companies can localize their product before entering the ever confusing Chinese market. Throughout the presentation, the speaker truly believed that Hong Kong was the place for any business to begin. She compared company registration, taxes, and the legal system from Shanghai, Singapore, and Hong Kong. From each, it was clear that Hong Kong was definitely the place to get the China strategy right.

The Gang at the US Commercial Services building

Afterwards, we enjoyed the sights at Victoria Peak and familiarized ourselves more about Hong Kong at the Museum of History. The museum offered great insights on geological aspects of this once desert, prehistoric Hong Kong, the dynasties, folk culture, the cession of Hong Kong, and the growth of the city before and after Japanese occupation.


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  1. Tim Zhang says:

    Recommended by Davian to visit this site. Looks like you guys had an awesome trip. Professor Hutchens was probably an excellent tour guide. Looks like Dean Cleveland went, too. Is that Dr. White? But anyways, good stuff.

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